Plant Now, Bloom Later!

Fall is the season to get out there and plant those bulbs… come spring you will have an amazing, colorful garden! There is a variety of bulbs that are available from your local gardening/hardware store, the nursery, and even your local grocery store! According to environmental-lifestyle expert Danny Seo, bulbs can make great gifts whether […]

Spreading the Green Knowledge

Trying to educate your friends and family on why it’s important to start leading a green life? Plan a party! Start off by sending an Evite(on-line invitation) rather than paper invitations. This is also a great way to see who will be there, who can carpool, while providing a handy place to load photos to […]

Unique Veggies for Lucky Northern Californians

Interested in a unique variety of veggies delivered to your door? Thanks to Mariquita Farms (and Daily Candy for bringing this to our attention!), you can have a mystery box of vegetables delivered to your door for $25! The farm is located in Watsonville, California, and they drive up to San Francisco, California, twice a […]

Other Uses for Baking Soda-Other than Baking!

Earlier on this month, I stumbled upon 61 reason/uses for baking soda. To my surprise, I had never heard of some of these uses and decided to give them a try. The first tip I tried was adding a half a cup of baking soda to my dishwasher before running it. WOW, what a difference! […]

Magnificent Muskmelons: Cantaloupe

Cantaloupes, also called muskmelons, have a distinct netted or webbed rind. Dating back beyond 2400 B.C., it is likely the cantaloupe originated in Persia or possibly Afghanistan. In that time, cantaloupes were cultivated over quite a wide span—from Egypt and across to Northwest India. These sweet and juicy melons were the food of royalty for […]

Coffee Cup or Coffee Cup?

Working in the heart of downtown Boise, Idaho, has been great. Every morning, I walk 5 blocks to my office and almost always stop at the local coffee shop on the corner, Thomas Hammer. I had noticed a few weeks ago on my cup that it had the word “ecotainer™” running up the side. As […]

Perfect Pineapple

It’s August and to many families, this means Back to School month. Making healthy food choices for your child is easier when they are right there with you, but now it is time to test his or her true ability to make decisions of their own. Christopher Columbus was the first person to introduce pineapples […]

Lemonade for Sale!

I don’t think I can remember a summer where I didn’t see a lemonade stand. Now that it is August and the summer days are coming to and end, I encourage you to get out there and make a large pitcher of organic lemonade to share with your friends, family, and neighbors. Lemonade is one […]

How Sweet!

Do you ever get fruit home, excited to cut into that cantaloupe and are bummed cause it doesn’t taste all that great? Here are some pointers that can help you avoid those ‘bad’ melons in the future! 1. Make sure to look for an even round shape.2. For more ripe melons, look for an evengolden […]


I was at a backyard summer soiree this last weekend and was talking with a friend abouthow much basil he had in his backyard. I said,“You should totally make pesto!” He replied with,“Pesto is made out of basil?” So this is for all of those how may have known, (or in my friends case), not […]

Adding Flavor to your Greens

Tired of the same old greens? Here some ingredients that can spruce up your salads! Crumbled CheesesFetaBlueGorgonzola Fresh Mozzarella Goat cheeseFresh HerbsLavenderDillBasilChivesLemon BalmRosemaryParsley VeggiesArtichoke Hearts Avocados Roasted Peppers Sun Dried Tomatoes Hearts of Palm FruitsMandarin OrangesStrawberries MangoesBlueberriesPears MeatsSmoked SalmonBay ShrimpGround BeefGrilled ChickenGrilled Kabobs Toasted NutsPine NutsPecansWalnutsSoy NutsSlivered Almonds BeansKidneyChickpeasBlack BeansAzuki You can also mix up […]

San Rafael Farmers’ Market

This weekend I headed to San Francisco to catch up with friends and made some time to visit my absolute favorite Farmers’ Market. Just about every Sunday that I lived there for 4 years I would venture north of the city, across the Golden Gate to the San Rafael Farmers’ Market. As a native New […]