San Rafael Farmers’ Market

This weekend I headed to San Francisco to catch up with friends and made some time to visit my absolute favorite Farmers’ Market. Just about every Sunday that I lived there for 4 years I would venture north of the city, across the Golden Gate to the San Rafael Farmers’ Market. As a native New Englander, I felt like years without seasons could so easily slide right into eachother; my stay there felt like one really long and amazing year! The produce at the market became a way to mark time, watching the many tables of fruits and vegetables roll from one hue to the next and then back again. 

I think the last time I was there was about 3 years ago and I figured it would have changed–and it has. But not in a bad way. All of my favorite vendors were still there, plus a bunch of new ones. I got my favorite mint iced tea, samosa with mango chutney and cilantro and sat in the sun pretty unaware of the time that had passed. It was delicious.