Organic Farming

Texan farmer that has been farming organically for the last 15 years. Learn why!

Celebrate Green in 2009

Here are some great drink recipes to ring in the new year with! Check ’em out and see which ones you may serve at your party this New Year’s Eve! New Year’s Eve Green Drinks!

Holiday Parties

‘Tis the season this year at those festive holiday parties by bringing your favorite organic appetizer! With the selection of organic wines and foods out there the sky’s the limit! Try pairing organic cheeses with some organic pears, apples and grapes! Or surprise your hostess or host with a your favorite bottle of organic wine […]

Pear Nog— By, Cheryl Tallman and Joan Ahlers

Here is a twist on a traditional festive drink for the Holiday season that the whole family and friends will enjoy and love! Ingredients:• 1 pear peeled, cored and cut in chunks• 1 cup of egg nog (dairy or soy)• 2 ice cubes cracked• Dash of cinnamon Directions:Place all ingredients in blender. Blend at high […]

Passion For Pomegranates by, Cheryl Tallman and Joan Ahlers

Pomegranates are quite unique. Slightly sweet. Slightly tart. Pomegranates are fun to eat, but they do require a little work. Inside the crimson-colored fruit, you’ll find exactly 840 arils. These are seeds surrounded by a sac of sweet-tart juice. The arils are held together in layers resembling honeycomb. Simply peel off the arils and pop […]

Bakeovers, by MaryJane Butters

One of the menu staples at my farm is a BakeOver, a one-skillet savory meal or sweet dessert that can be made with virtually any combination of fresh vegetables or fruit. It’s fast, it’s easy, and best of all, it’s homemade. The idea for BakeOvers came to me years ago, but figuring out what to […]

Recycled Bags

Instead of throwing away those plastic bags we get everything in these days, there is a woman in our office that makes really innovative bags out of them! She uses all different colors and patterns! She simply cuts the plastic bags into strips and knits them into a masterpiece! Cool way to save more than […]

You Tube Video, Just Do One

Have you ever wanted to change the world? Here’s your chance. Greg Horn, author of Living Green, is on a worldwide quest for the best short video articulating personal-action solutions for a better planet. The website containing more information is slated to launch 11/18, with contest guidelines shortly thereafter! Take a peak at Greg’s message […]

Your Toddler and NuVal™: An Innovative Way to Keep (Food) Score!

With so many choices in the grocery store, it is often difficult to pick out the healthiest foods for your family. Recently, a system was introduced to help consumers make these important decisions. It is called the NuVal™ System, a nutritional scoring system developed by a team of healthcare professionals led by David Katz, MD, […]

Roasted Root Vegetables!

Among the Harvest season, root vegetables are a favorite. Root vegetables are plants that are used as vegetables. My dad would always chop up the root vegetables into the same size pieces and roasted them with a little salt, peeper, and olive oil. Roast in an oven 375 for about 30-35 minutes or until the […]

Carving Pumpkins…or Squash!

Carving pumpkins always promises fun…but don’t limit yourself to the traditional orange Jack O’ Lantern. For a change, other squash will lend themselves to carving and décor just as well. Try carving acorn squash and use them as hanging luminaria. Carving has never been easier since adults and children can now select from a broad […]

Healthier Alternatives to Hand Out on Halloween

Halloween and candy seems to go hand in hand these days….but it doesn’t have to! There are alternatives to what you hand out to those trick or treaters this Halloween. Here are few different options to what you could consider handing out• 100% All Fruit Leathers or Fruit Snacks• Organic Granola Bars• Organic Raisins• Organic […]