Woodstock is a better choice

Organic Gardening recently posted their 7 favorite summer condiments as well as how to create a healthier solution for each one. Woodstock Foods, a Foerstel Design client was a part of the list, earning praise for their organic pickles.
Here is was Organic Gardening had to say about Relish and why Woodstock is a better option:
Revel in relish; just be smart about the source. Many relish products on store shelves contain unnecessary ingredients like artificial (and potentially harmful) food-coloring agents. It’s a food-processing trick that makes food appear fresher than it really is. Scan the label and make sure your favorite relish is free of high-fructose corn syrup, too. The processed sweetener contains significant levels of fructose, which can cause memory problems.

Healthier solution: 
Get a jar of Woodstock Farms Organic pickles and chop them up for a homemade relish effect.