What GMO Labeling Means To You (Infographic)

If the old adage is true and you are what you eat, would you want to be a genetically mutated ear of corn?

Although that paints a pretty terrifying picture, the ethics behind Genetically Modified Organisms (better known as GMOs) are more complicated than one might think. Some studies show that these products are safe to eat and can actually cut down on the use of environmentally-harmful pesticides, while another group of scientists and activists believe that we don’t know enough about GMOs to call them safe for people OR the environment.

Regardless of what stance you take on GMOs, many people can agree on one thing: Consumers should be given a choice whether or not they want to eat genetically modified foods. Unfortunately, thanks to a lack of labeling laws, very few Americans currently have that right.

On November 5, Washington state residents will vote on a new GMO labeling law. Named I-522, this initiative could be a historic development in the progress of GMO transparency. However, some roadblocks have the potential to derail the law.

To find out how GMOs and GMO labeling could affect you, check out the infographic below.