Washday Hints from MaryJane Butters

MaryJane Butters celebrates simple (yet colorful!) living in her recently released book, MaryJane’s Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook for the farmgirl in all of us.

Ms. Butters brings back the spirit of ritual in everyday chores as seen in the section entitled "Washday Blues." As she says “Mention laundry and you’ll discover that people either love it or hate it…. I figure if I can thoroughly express why I enjoy laundry, then perhaps those naysayers can tackle their laundry armed with an attitude change. Since laundry is a reality, you may as well enjoy it.” We couldn’t agree more!

Below are excerpts from the book each with recipes for making this chore more enjoyable—and getting your clothes cleaner.
Whiter Whites
Blue = White?