USDA Organic Seal Usage

A simple letter from you can help organic processors get a cost-effective solution!

All of us involved with the organic industry in some way, whether as a consumer or supplier, are negatively impacted by the packaging-graphics requirement established by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) regarding how the organic seal must be used on packaging.

Here’s the essence of the problem…but now being part of the solution is easier than before!

The color standards currently set for use of this logo are expensive for organic producers to comply with as the regulations now require that all organic packaging bearing the Organic seal be printed either in often prohibitively expensive full color or a single-color, black, which is far from ideal for creating eye-catching graphics on consumer packages.

The USDA has heard from many of us requesting that single color, nonblack packaging graphics be permitted, and the NOP is now considering allowing changes to be made. We need your help to get the regulation changed.

View samples of current and proposed logos…

Please write a letter to Keith Jones, Program Manager of the USDA NOP to help change this regulation!

Keith Jones
Program Manager
Room 4008-South Building
1400 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20250-0020
Fax (202) 205-7808