Two-Time Olympic Medallist and All-Organic Athlete, Erik Vendt

Erik Vendt retired in 2004 after the Athens Olympic Games due to the amount of stress constant training and world-class competition put on his body. But Vendt has discovered a dietary regimen of all organic foods that has increased his muscle mass and stamina and is adding years to his career. He feels stronger and faster than ever and is training hard to represent his country once again at the 2008 games in Beijing.

Vendt, NCAA swimmer of the year in 2002, still holds the US record in 1500-meter freestyle and took home silver medals from Sydney and Athens. Being second best in the world is not something that sat well with the fiercely competitive swimmer but the strain on his body compelled him to call it quits after the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.

Then he discovered organic foods. After only six months of an all organic diet and daily training he was back in his old form and once again a member of the National Team and ranked top 5 in the world. Vendt says he feels better, looks better, is more energetic and his training sessions are more effective.

”Normally, no matter if I slept the recommended 8-10 hours a night or not, I felt run down and worn out after every morning practice…Whereas now, I feel rejuvenated and alert. Most importantly, I feel so much healthier.” Vendt said about his new organic diet.

Before, Vendt would wake up 1-2 times a night, for a “midnight snack,” which consisted of chips, candy or soda. Now, since he has started his new diet he consistently sleeps through the night. Vendt proclaims that the organic diet has “eliminated my past addictions to junk food that I felt were just destroying my body. For an Olympic Athlete eating healthy and feeling strong are two of the most important things because your body is all you have.”

Vendt’s diet consists mostly of fruits and vegetables from the Cascadian Farms product line, but also includes organic meats, grains, eggs, milk, and even organic energy bars.