Travis Forgues
Organic Valley Dairy Farmer
Alburg, Vermont

Source: Organic Valley

Travis, his wife Amy, and children Emma, Gabriel and Molly, farm in partnership with Travis’ parents on a Vermont farm next to Lake Champlain, the “6th Great Lake.” With degrees in computer science and psychology, Travis could have taken an entirely different path, but he was drawn back to his dairy roots by exciting new developments in farming. Travis became especially interested in grass-based and organic farming opportunities.

After 15 years of farming conventionally, in 1991 the Forgues’ began to graze their cows. Once they converted to grazing, it was easy to consider organic dairy farming. The farm became certified organic and the Forgues’ joined Organic Valley Family of Farms in 1999. In the past, the Forgues Family Farm could barely eek out an existence for one family, but today that same farm—240 acres with 80 milking cows—can support two families with ease.

Travis knows that he’ll be able to sustain his family and pass down the farm to his children when the time comes one day. He has faith that organic agriculture protects the earth with such love that only good things come to the farmer, the animals and the consumer as a result. Organic is not just a way to farm to Travis any more. It has become a way of life—of sustainable life.

The Forgues’ are one of over 700 family farmers in the Organic Valley cooperative.

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Photography © Carrie Branovan 2006 for Organic Valley Family of Farms®.