Skip the Energy Drinks: 20 All-Natural Ways to Have More Energy

As more and more evidence mounts that energy drinks can be harmful—even deadly—you might be looking for some natural alternatives. Here are 20 easy things to try that can boost your energy naturally.

  1. Listen to music; just an hour a day can help reduce fatigue. Bonus points if you get up and dance for a few minutes!
  2. Eat iron-rich foods like kale and spinach, whole grains, beans, fish, meat and tofu. (Ask your doctor before you try supplements.)
  3. Try DIY reflexology: Roll a golf ball between the palm of your hand and your desk or table from the base of your thumb down to your wrist.  Even just rubbing that area with your other thumb will perk you up.
  4. Practice positive thinking. When the vast majority of your thoughts are negative, research shows it saps your energy.
  5. Clean up. De-cluttered spaces allow for more clarity of purpose and thought.
  6. Try to get 20 minutes of sunshine per day. If that’s just not happening, sitting near a natural light box for 45 minutes can have the same effect.
  7. Sit up straight. Your mama was right; poor posture makes your muscles work harder, draining your energy.
  8. Drink more water. Plain, clean water.
  9. Drink less alcohol. Alcohol can interfere with your ability to sleep deeply, even if it helps you fall asleep, and that deep sleep is what makes you feel rested.
  10. Eat breakfast.  It helps you avoid insulin spikes and drops, which can cause you to feel like you have no energy at all.
  11. Pay it forward. Doing something nice for someone else will give your happiness (and your positive energy) a boost.
  12. LOL! A good laugh can reduce stress, boost immunity, and increases energy. So go ahead and watch that silly cat video—it’s for your health!
  13. Flower power. A study from the Harvard Medical School showed that people who looked at fresh flowers in the morning reported higher energy levels all day.
  14. Take a cold shower. OK, not a whole shower; just end your shower with a burst of cold water. It’s great for perking you up and may boost immunity like a cold plunge at the spa.
  15. Keep a gratitude list. Take just a minute or two every day to write down something you’re grateful for. It will help you keep a positive outlook and feel less stressed.
  16. Turn your frown upside-down—literally. Bending over and touching your toes, or any inverted pose, will help increase blood flow to your head and feel energizing.
  17. Stimulate your senses with jasmine or peppermint. Both of these scents are invigorating and energizing. Orange, lemon and cinnamon also work.
  18. Take a few deep breaths.  Oxygenate your blood, take a momentary break, and breathe some energy back into your day.
  19. Exercise outdoors and take a friend. Studies have shown that the energizing effects of exercise are boosted when you work out with a buddy or outside—or both!
  20. Color yourself happy. Bring yellow, orange or lilac hues into your workspace to brighten your moods. The colors you wear can also have an effect on how you feel. Orange has high-energy qualities.