New Poll: Organic Foods Taste Better

Source: Steve Meyerowitz aka Sproutman,

Perhaps you didn’t need anyone to tell you, but just in case you did, the improved flavor, aroma, and essence you thought you might have tasted in organic foods actually does exist—so says a poll of 813 people from the United Kingdom. In a study sponsored by the nonprofit UK accreditation organization, the Soil Association, 72% said their fruit and vegetables definitely tasted better and 71% said they preferred the taste of organic meats. Although most of those polled said they purchased organic foods primarily to avoid pesticides and additives, taste was their number three reason for shopping organic. So, why not brighten your palate and add some zest into your meals? Shop organic today.

Steve is a health crusader and author on ten books, including The Organic Food Guide. He has been featured on PBS, the Home Shopping network, QVC and TV Food Network. He has written for Better Nutrition, Prevention, Organic Gardening and House & Garden magazines.