What is the difference, if any, between eggs labeled cage free, free-range, natural, and certified organic?

Cage free simply refers to eggs laid by chickens that are not caged. This does not mean that the chickens have access to the outdoors and adequate space to live. Free-range chickens do have access to the outdoors, but their access may be restricted and they do not necessarily have access to pasture. Natural only […]

Are organic baby formulas available?

It is widely believed that mother’s milk is best for baby, but for a variety of reasons there are times that parents choose formula. Many parents believe that feeding organic foods to their children is especially important because young children may lack many of the natural defenses that protect adults against the effects of pesticides. […]

Does organic fish exist?

Yes, organic fish does exist, but not in the United States. As I write this answer, the USDA has not created organic standards for fish; however, organic fish is available in the United Kingdom. Until organic standards for fish exist in this county, I recommend eating wild fish. Using wild salmon as an example, I […]

I am trying to stop using chemicals on my lawn and garden, but I am being driven crazy by weeds. Are there safe alternatives to weed killers?

I think discontinuing the use of chemical solutions is wise. Do we really want our children and pets running, rolling, and playing in a lawn full of chemicals? At present, we are unsure of the long-term effects of human exposure to weed killer, but according to Natural Home & Garden magazine, studies have linked them […]

Lately, it seems that organic cotton is everywhere I look. Why does it matter if our clothing is organic? After all, we aren’t eating it.

Organic is not just about what we eat. Although the USDA does not claim that organically produced food is safer or more nutritious than conventionally produced food, many choose organics because they care about the environment and they want to cut back on chemical exposure. Cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops. In […]

Does organic chicken need to be cooked differently than conventional chicken?

No, organic chicken cooks the same way nonorganic chicken does. My favorite way to cook organic chicken is also the simplest—roast chicken. Wash and pat dry a 2–4 pound chicken. Rub two tablespoons of organic butter into your hands until it is soft and then rub butter all over the inside and outside of the […]

Are there any organic dog and cat foods available?

Not only do organic pet foods exist, but they are flying off the shelves. According to USA TODAY, organic pet food sales rose 63% in 2003. While organic dog and cat foods may cost a little more, can we put a price tag on the health and well-being of our furry friends? Our pets are […]

Does washing conventional fruits and vegetable get rid of pesticides?

Washing conventional fruits and vegetables may reduce the amount of pesticides they contain, but does not eliminate the pesticides altogether. Some pesticides are absorbed inside the fruit or vegetable, resistant to any amount of washing or peeling. Further proof that washing fruits and vegetables does not eliminate pesticides is that pesticides were found in washed […]

If I see an animal product is labeled certified humane, does that mean that it is organic?

Good question! Although some organic animal products are labeled certified humane, certified humane and organic are separate, unrelated certifications. The main difference between the certifications is that organic standards are environment based and certified humane standards are animal-welfare based. To obtain the certified humane certification, producers do not need to provide organic food, but are […]

Celebrate Earth Day the Organic Way

Organic.org is proud to participate in the April 2005 “Go Organic! For Earth Day” celebration, a national recognition of Earth Day’s 35th anniversary this April 22. As a part of the celebration, www.organic.org is helping educate and encourage America’s consumers to try organic foods and personal care products found at their favorite grocery stores. An […]

Foerstel Design Launches

BOISE, ID (March 5, 2005)—Let’s face it, as high in quality and delicious as many organic food products are, they’re still a great mystery to a majority of consumers. Even with the phenomenal growth the industry has enjoyed in the last ten years—sales increases of 200 percent and more across the board—people new to the […]

Curious About Organic? Launch of www.organic.org Caters to Neophytes & Industry Veterans Alike

First consumer site of its kind provides organic information from A to Z BOISE, ID (March 5, 2005)-Let’s face it, as high in quality and delicious as many organic food products are, they’re still a great mystery to a majority of consumers. Even with the phenomenal growth the industry has enjoyed in the last ten […]