O Brother, Where Artificial Thou?

Fight over synthetic ingredients splits organics communityBy Amanda Griscom Little 29 Sep 2005 What do xanthan gum, an artificial thickener, ammonium bicarbonate, a synthetic leavening agent, and ethylene, a chemical that accelerates the ripening of fruit, have in common? These and other synthetic additives commonly lurk behind that "USDA Organic" stamp of approval you see […]

Your Baby’s Bottom Line “Wreaking havoc.”

That’s how Carolyn Grogan, owner of the Housatonic, Massachusetts-based environmental retailer Mama’s Earth, describes pesticide use in today’s cotton industry-and it’s of particular concern when it comes to your baby’s health. Cotton-the fabric used to make cloth diapers for decades-is one of the most "pesticide-intensive" crops worldwide, Grogan notes. "These pesticides are very effective because […]

Improve the USDA Certified Organic Seal!

The USDA Organic label is an important tool in guiding consumer decisions, but the rigid usage guidelines imposed by the National Organic Program (NOP) often make it extremely costly for companies to use this icon effectively. Regulations require that all organic packaging bearing the USDA Organic seal be printed either in full color, which is […]

Washday Hints from MaryJane Butters

MaryJane Butters celebrates simple (yet colorful!) living in her recently released book, MaryJane’s Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook for the farmgirl in all of us. Ms. Butters brings back the spirit of ritual in everyday chores as seen in the section entitled "Washday Blues." As she says “Mention laundry and you’ll discover that people either love it […]

New Poll: Organic Foods Taste Better

Perhaps you didn’t need anyone to tell you, but just in case you did, the improved flavor, aroma, and essence you thought you might have tasted in organic foods actually does exist—so says a poll of 813 people from the United Kingdom. In a study sponsored by the nonprofit UK accreditation organization, the Soil Association, […]

What’s Your Snack IQ? From Organic Valley

By what age are most American kids hooked on junk food? How can you help reduce unhealthy snacking in your home? You’re tired and hungry after school, so what’s the best snack to grab? Now through the end of September, parents and kids can find out how snack savvy they are by answering these questions […]

Southern California Says Hello to Organic to Go

Organic to Go(TM) (O to Go) an all-natural fast casual organic cafe, catering retailer and delivery grocery company has expanded into Southern California, opening three retail stores in Los Angeles (Museum Square in Mid-Wilshire, Two California Plaza and The Gas Company downtown) with plans to open additional locations in Orange County in early Fall. Organic […]

Free Sproutkid T-Shirt from Sproutman!

Simply e-mail Organic.org your favorite ideas for incorporating organic living into your daily routine. T-shirts are available in S, M, L children’s sizes. Please specify your size in the e-mail. Thank you for your Sproutkid ideas!

Organic Chocolate Goes Mainstream

Are you familiar with Green & Black’s? They are the leading British chocolate maker in the organic sector, and they are quite successful. Last year, the company increased their sales by 69%. Green & Black’s was the first UK company to source its cocoa beans under Fair Trade agreements, and its Mayan Gold chocolate was […]

Sustainable Home, Part III

The environment is a big issue and can be overwhelming when trying to contemplate it on a national or global scale. The best place to start when desiring to make a difference in the environment is in the home. In part three of our sustainable home makeover, we decided to get specific about how to […]

Sustainable Agriculture: The Consciousness of Farming

From the Ground UpMy farm, Resting in the River Organic Farm®, began from the consciousness that the soil is a living, complex body and the primary wealth of our land. To care for the health of the soil, we use cultural techniques that help to build soil such as minimal tillage, cover cropping, crop rotation, […]

Blue = White?

Bluing is a washday product that restores your dingy whites to their former sparkling glory. Miniscule particles of alkali left in clothes from laundry detergent and other washing compounds can leave your whites with a dingy or yellowish tinge. Adding bluing to your final rinse can restorewhites to their original luster. Why blue? If you […]