John Kiefer
Organic Valley Dairy Farmer

Source: Organic Valley

When John Kiefer bought his farm in Wisconsin, he weighed his options and decided to combine organic dairy farming and "intensive pasturing concepts," or rotational grazing. Now he milks 69 Jersey cows on his 111 acres of certified organic land.

In addition to the cost savings associated with grazing, John believes that there are other benefits to grazing. His cows experience few health problems, and it’s no wonder: they get fresh air and exercise, and they’re eating fresh, living food. John moves the cows to fresh pastures twice a day, right after milking. The cows love it!

In winter, the cows eat the organic hay and are free to roam to and from the barn where they sleep. John’s animals are always raised free of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. He cares about the earth, and is proud to be farming in harmony with the land.

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Photography © Carrie Branovan 2006 for Organic Valley Family of Farms®.