If I see an animal product is labeled certified humane, does that mean that it is organic?

Good question! Although some organic animal products are labeled certified humane, certified humane and organic are separate, unrelated certifications. The main difference between the certifications is that organic standards are environment based and certified humane standards are animal-welfare based.

To obtain the certified humane certification, producers do not need to provide organic food, but are inspected by a third party approved by Humane Farm Animal Care to make sure their animals are being cared for in a safe, wholesome environment without hormones and antibiotics.

For an animal product to be labeled organic the animals must be fed mostly organic feed and be raised in humane standards. The humane standards set forth by the USDA National Organic Program are rooted in environmental concerns while certified humane standards are concerned with the animal’s well-being.

For more information on certified humane check out http://www.certifiedhumane.com