HerbDay 2013 set for May 4

The eighth annual HerbDay, an event sponsored by the HerbDay Coalition, which includes the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), is set for Saturday, May 4. HerbDay is an internationally coordinated series of independently produced, public, educational events celebrating the importance of herbs and herbalism.

HerbDay was conceived to raise awareness of the significance of herbs and the many ways they can be used safely and creatively for health, beauty, and culinary enjoyment. Greater familiarity with herbs will increase informed use of herbal products and build public support for maintaining personal choice in the use of botanicals.

AHPA encourages the herb and botanical products industry to support and participate in this national day that provides an inexpensive marketing and branding opportunity for companies that market these products to consumers.

Self-directed events across the country have attracted the participation of herbalists and health care providers, authors, teachers, herbal products manufacturers and marketers, schools, organizations, media, retailers, botanical gardens, healthcare professionals and community organizations.

The volunteer-based HerbDay Coalition, consisting of the American Botanical Council, United Plant Savers, AHPA, the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia, and the American Herbalists Guild, hopes you will join it as a participant in the 2013 HerbDay and in its efforts to foster future events.

Attend a HerbDay Event near you!! Happy HerbDay!

[via NewHope 360]