Everyday Earth Day I

Source: Organic.org

Below are some of our favorite everyday tips for celebrating Earth Day!

Shop organic!
Support farmers and grocers who work to keep pesticides out of the ground and our bodies—organic food is not just good to eat, but good for our planet. More >>

Use cloth shopping bags
Cut down on the amount of paper and plastic you bring home. Grocers often provide small discounts for bringing your own bag or for recycling bags from prior visits.

Cook at home
Cook at home and box your own food in reusable containers. You will save lunch money at work or school as well as minimize the use of takeout containers. Cooking at home has more benefits, as well. More >>

Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Group
Support local farmers and get a bounty of produce grown right in your own community!

Plant a garden
There is nothing like the satisfaction of growing your own food! Even if you don’t have space for a garden, you can easily plant herbs, tomatoes, and peppers in their own containers and have a mini salsa garden! Organic Salsa Recipe >>

Composting provides excellent nutrients for your garden and will cut down on landfill-space issues. Creating a compost pile is as easy as combining kitchen scraps such as fruit and vegetable peelings with leaves and dried grasses. Turn often and keep as damp as a wrung-out sponge. Check out Organic Gardening for more information.

Recycle glass, plastic, and paper. Contact your local landfill or recycling program for guidelines in your area.

Bike, walk, or carpool
Try cutting down on your car trips. Biking and walking are great exercise… and with gas prices higher than we’d like, you will save money, as well.

Hang your clothes out to dry
This might sound old-fashioned, but you will find it doesn’t take much more time. You will appreciate being outdoors now that the weather is warming—and enjoy your fresh smelling laundry to boot!

Be conservative in your chores
Make sure the dishwasher and clothes washer are full before running them. And, only wash what is truly dirty!

Turn off the water
We often stand while brushing our teeth with the faucet running or let the hose run while we are gardening. Take notice of the time you use water and conserve when possible. Bonus tip: If you find you are always dumping half-full glasses of water down the drain, water your plants with it instead!

Look into creating a water-conscious landscape, which will allow you to reduce water use. Many native plants also require very little maintenance, do not use a lot of water, and are well adapted to your area. Again, reducing use of and eliminating unnecessary resources saves us time and money.

Plant a tree!
Okay, we couldn’t resist this classic Earth Day suggestion. Trees remove carbon dioxide from the air, often while shading hotter areas of the house, allowing you to turn your air conditioner down this summer (more earth-friendly points for you)!