Dr. Meg Cattell and Dr. Arden Nelson
Organic Valley Dairy Farmers
Rocky Mountain Pastures, Colorado

Source: Organic Valley

You could say that Dr. Meg Cattell and Dr. Arden Nelson’s Colorado farm is not a typical dairy. It’s a mile high in the Rocky Mountains, far from the red barns of New England or the rolling hills of the Midwest.

Yet, the couple’s cows thrive by grazing 1,048 acres of seasonal grass and crops, carefully tended by the two veterinarians who share a love of agriculture, science and organic living.

Rotational grazing—one of many practices the good doctors use to raise healthy organic cows—is part of their commitment to sustainable agriculture. This commitment stems from both their ethic of treating animals right, and their desire to feed their own children—as well as other families—delicious organic food.

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Photography © Carrie Branovan 2006 for Organic Valley Family of Farms®.