Detox Juices and Smothies

Aloe Vera Splash Smoothie
A secret ingredient that I use in many of my green smoothies is Aloe Vera gel. Why? Because of its abundant health benefits, of course.

Apple Blueberry Fruit Smoothie
Smoothies are a great way to obtain instant vitamins and health benefits. Here is a great recipe that contains sweet blueberries, tart granny smiths and light blueberry yogurt.

Blueberry Red Cabbage Power Smoothie
Sweet, simple, and superpowered – that’s what this smoothie is all about. With just 3 ingredients, this vibrant drink boosts your brain and immune system and fills you up!

Green Energy Drink
A potent mix of spinach, ginger and cucumber make the perfect natural energizing drink. Make this recipe whenever you need an energy boost.

Ginger Smoothie
Is your immune system ready for this? Ginger, orange, lemon, and carrot. This potent combination is a delicious way to kickstart your body’s metabolism and energize you from the inside out. Don’t fear the ginger! Though it adds a slight heat, the other flavors keep this juice on the mild side.

Glowing Green Juice
Perfect and easy way to detoxify your body specially after the holidays! This Juice will only take 5 minutes to make!

Green Tea Shake
Green Tea shake has many nutritional properties. Perfect when you are on the go.