Curious About Organic? Launch of Caters to Neophytes & Industry Veterans Alike

Source: Barbara Duff, Buzz, Inc.

First consumer site of its kind provides organic information from A to Z

BOISE, ID (March 5, 2005)-Let’s face it, as high in quality and delicious as many organic food products are, they’re still a great mystery to a majority of consumers. Even with the phenomenal growth the industry has enjoyed in the last ten years-sales increases of 200 percent and more across the board-people new to the concept still need help deciphering what makes organic organic. What is certified organic? How is it beneficial? And while we’re at it, how about some easy and delicious organic recipes?

“We’re approaching as a service for people who may be curious about organics and need a good base of information to get started,” says Tom Foerstel, CEO of Foerstel Design, the driving force behind the new URL. “What are the benefits to our health and the environment? What is the range of products out there? Even for people in the grocery industry, there’s been a lot of confusion about organic food. What we’re supplying is dependable, one-stop shopping for information about everything organic.”

Now with the launch of, there’s finally a single web site where mainstream consumers of all interest levels can find out what they need to know when it comes to organic food and products.

The site offers articles that range from a mother-to-be writing about “Why I Switched to Organic,” to Steve Meyerowitz’s (AKA “Sproutman”), contribution on “What Is Organic Food?” to a scholarly study by the industry-leading Hartman Group on consumer buying trends.

“The site will feature a nice mix of ever-changing, relevant information,” says Foerstel. “All the things I was looking for but couldn’t find when I dedicated myself to supporting the organic industry almost ten years ago.” Since then, Foerstel has become a well-known champion of the cause and its manufacturers, advocating for the health, and especially the environmental benefits, of the way organic food is produced.

Kids receive special attention with an Organic Fun & Games “Factivity” workbook featuring games and activities that can be used by parents or teachers. In addition, a New Product Section offers independent reviews of many of the exciting new goodies coming to market. Links to manufacturer’s web sites will allow consumers to locate where products can be purchased, and in some cases, download coupons.

A large selection of organic recipes, always a favorite destination for visitors, will initially be supplied and sponsored by Spectrum Oils, the world’s largest manufacturer of organic oils. Nutritional information receives significant coverage as well, with scientific experts releasing the results of their studies. The site also offers an “Ask Laura” column, where visitor’s questions are answered by Laura Gaines, an instructor at a natural gourmet cookery on the East Coast.

New in terms of content and ownership, was formerly operated by the Organic Alliance, a non-profit agency dedicated to educating consumers about the environmental benefits of organics. In this way, the site’s legacy continues through the stewardship of the Boise, Idaho-based Foerstel Design. Barbara Duff of Buzz, Inc., a creative consulting firm based in Taos, New Mexico, and specializing in the organic industry, has been retained to provide editorial direction.

“Choosing an organic lifestyle has become a mainstream option,” explains Foerstel. “Every year, hundreds of new products come to market, but until now there hasn’t been a consumer web site supplying basic information to consumers or answering their most frequently asked questions. Whether you’re an organic neophyte or a seasoned veteran, will provide helpful information and valuable insight into the world of organics.”