Make Your Own Energy Bars

Pro-Bar founder Art Eggertsen’s recipe for a protein-rich calorie grenade. With dates, maple syrup, and Grand Marnier, you can’t go wrong. 1 ½ lbs chopped dates3 tbsp maple syrup1 tsp vanilla2 tsp fresh orange zest or Grand Marnier, or ¼ tsp orange extract½ tsp sea salt¼ tsp allspice1 tsp cardamom½ c dried currants or other […]

The Essential Guide to a Non-GMO Halloween

It’s that time of year when Halloween costumes are being conjured up and the kids are making their Halloween plans. Begin your planning now to help ensure that your children have a Halloween that is both fun and healthy. Kids love Halloween because it is full of wonderful sweet treats and surprises. Unfortunately, these treats […]