Blueberry Chick Pea Pancakes

Source: by David Richard, Ridgefield, CT

Made with chick pea paste or flour, these pancakes are nutritious-and delicious!

Vegetarian, wheat-free, corn-free, heart smart

Makes a dozen 3- to 4-inch pancakes

1 cup of chick pea (garbanzo bean) flour*
(You can also combine 1/2 cup chick pea flour with 1/2 cup brown rice, buckwheat or millet flours.)
3/4-1 cup rice, soy or almond milk
1 large egg
1 tablespoon expeller-pressed oil
1/2 teaspoon gluten-free baking powder
1 quart of fresh blueberries or 1 8-ounce bag of frozen blueberries, defrosted

*If you are a "from-scratch" chef, you can make a chick pea paste by soaking a cup or two of chick peas the day or night before (6-8 hours) and boiling the chick peas for a couple of hours and then mashing by hand or pureeing them in a food processor to create a thick paste.

In a medium mixing bowl, beat the egg thoroughly. Add milk and oil and beat again. Stir half of the blueberries into the mixture. Ladle spoonfuls into a well-oiled, heated skillet (oil should just be starting to make ripples). Turn pancakes when the edges are brown and bubbles start to pop through the center of the pancake. Add oil to the skillet as needed. Sweeten the stacks of pancakes with the fresh blueberries, yogurt, maple syrup, raw honey, blueberry jam or the sweetener or your choice.