At the Farmers’ Market


Good friends, good food, good music… what else is there? When it comes to enjoying everything that your community has to offer, few places are better than your local farmers’ market. It is here that you can meet friends, enjoy a leisurely breakfast or lunch, and—most importantly—connect with the people who grow your food. Local farmers’ markets are an excellent place to find a wide variety of locally grown, in-season produce. Additionally, you might be able to sample and purchase other specialty products, such as meat, cheese, wine, chocolate, bread, and dairy.

Most of the food you will find at farmers’ markets is organic. However, many farmers find becoming USDA certified organic to be cost prohibitive. This is especially true for many of the smaller farmers, so don’t rely on the organic label to locate organic food. If you’re wondering, simply ask! Growers will be happy to share their farming methods, and you will feel better knowing exactly where your food comes from and how it was produced.

Farmers’ markets are typically held regularly during the weekends, although they might be more frequent in larger cities. In colder climes, farmers’ markets tend to be held from early spring to late fall. The warmer the climate, the more likely you are to find local offerings year-round.

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