Are there any organic dog and cat foods available?

Not only do organic pet foods exist, but they are flying off the shelves. According to USA TODAY, organic pet food sales rose 63% in 2003. While organic dog and cat foods may cost a little more, can we put a price tag on the health and well-being of our furry friends? Our pets are always happy to see us and can make the stress of a hard day disappear with a snuggle and a lick. It only seems fair that those of us who choose our own foods carefully and enjoy organic products would want to pass on the benefits to our beloved pets.

Two of the most widely available dog and cat foods made with organic ingredients are produced by Pet Guard and Newman’s Own. I think Newman’s Own sums it up best when they say “Feeding your pet organic food eliminates the buildup of residues of chemical additives, preservatives, pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides which have been clinically proven to have adverse health effects on dogs, cats, and in fact all animals including humans.”

Keep in mind that just because a pet food is organic it does not mean that it is well balanced. I recommend that you speak to your vet whenever changing your pet’s diet.